Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services

WXT Consulting Solution’s Social team dedicate themselves to research, update and identify the best ways of using social media for businesses.

Imagine millions of potential customers browsing through Facebook. All of them are either at work, bored out of their minds or just want something to see. We give them the interesting content they want (keeping in mind your business objectives of course), you get a ‘like’ and you have a fan for life! Leave it to us to keep them engaged over long periods of time. We’ve learnt a thing or two by managing to keep around a million people liking other businesses in the past.


The experts on every platform including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Blogs, Google Plus (and we’ll have more experts as platforms grow), supported by a deep industry and business understanding from the strategy team- make it possible for us to design and execute the perfect social media solutions for your business. Everywhere we look, we see the constant usage of social media. So it’s no surprise that an understanding to social media is a must for every type of organisation and the key element to success is content – targeted and constant. Social media is no different to traditional marketing and communications activities and getting back to basics will help ensure your organisation maximises its social media presence.